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Friday, April 27, 2012

International fact finding Mission should comment on EC response

An international fact finding mission invited to Malaysia by Anwar Ibrahim has voiced 3 concerns regarding Malaysia's electoral system.

The team met with EC officials today and Wan Ahmad Wan Omar Wan Ahmad, said the EC clarified on questions raised such as fair media access to political parties, a clean electoral roll, overseas voters and delineation of constituencies.

“Since they have met political parties, it is fair that they come to us to seek clarification.

“We welcome election observers and fact-finding missions from abroad to get correct and accurate information from us.

“As the 13th general election draws closer, definitely many election fact-finding mission delegates and observers from overseas are coming to meet political parties here.

“If they obtain information only from political parties, such information or facts are likely to be biased,” he told Bernama.

“After getting our explanation, I noticed that they (the delegates) have a better understanding of the electoral system and process in the country. Several delegates said they felt that the EC had given an honest explanation,” said Wan Ahmad.

Is that so Wan Ahmad, a better understanding? Perhaps you are right. They understand better how EC had helped UMNO/BN maintain federal power for 50 decades by rigging the elections although Wan Ahmad remarks seemed to be on a positive note which we don't agree with.

In any case, Malaysiakini since they published Wan Ahmad's views should also get a response from the fact finding mission.

The team is made up of delegates from Germany, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia and Tunisia.

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