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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Khairy overides PM Najib, BN will hand over Putrajaya peacefully?

All of you must have read about Najib quickly deserting the Royal Selangor Club and declining to answer when questioned about whether UMNO/BN will hand over federal power if they lose the 13th General Election, thus inadvertently revealing what is inside his dirty mind.

All of you must have read about Najib's quote of defending Putrajaya with broken bones and lost lives, indicating that he will probably not surrender federal power if he lost the next general election.

However, here is Khairy the "Cowsford" (Oxford University for cows) graduate apparently overriding Najib. He said that as people who “played by the rules” BN will step down peacefully if it loses the general election “just like (BN) handed over Penang, Kedah and Selangor in 2008, Kelantan every year and Perak for a short while”.

“This is way above my pay grade, but I can assure Malaysians that as a coalition in a respected democracy, if we lose, we lose. There is no General Musharaf here..."

So let us look forward to UMNO/BN losing the 13th General Election and see if they will willingly and peacefully hand over power.

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