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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FELDA Twin Rivers Technology Global Ventures

Tan Kee Kwong in his interview by Patrik Lee and Jamilah Kamarudin blasted Felda for getting involved with Global Venture and "Twin River Technology". This got me curious about Twin River Technology. Here is what Greg Pahl in his book Biodesel: Growing a new energy economy has to say about Twin Rivers Technology:

In 1994, Twin Rivers Technology began business in a former Procter & Gamble oleochemical facility in Quincy, Massachusetts. The plant had a nominal production capacity of 30 million gallons, but the company never actually made any biodiesel at the Quincy facility, purchasing it instead from other plants. In 1996, Twin Rivers was the first company in the nation to recieve U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certification of its Envirodiesel brand of biodiesel fuel for use in meeting Clean Air Act compliance standards under the agency's Urban Bus Retrofit Program. However, the company suffered from a long series of marketing and internal problems and closed its biodiesel division in 1998. (For more on Twin Rivers, see Chapter 10.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about loss making Felda Twin Rivers, this refinery will eventually be sold to other GLCs, probably Sime Darby...