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Friday, July 30, 2010

UMNO BN cause me hypertension

Today's post is a sort of personal post, about the happenings in Malaysia blamed on UMNO BN and its partners in crime (Attorney General, Chief Justice etc) making me very angry and causing my blood pressure to rise.

How did it come about that we Malaysians are so docile to be letting them get away with unfair persecution of Anwar Ibrahim (withholding documents that they should have to enable them to have a fair trial etc) whild at the same time not prosecuting people like VK Lingam who was named by a Royal Commision as one who should be prosecuted but got away because the x@!*% Chief Justice said that event is in the past. Isn't Saiful accusation that Anwar sodomized him an event in the past so why is the AG's department hounding him?

When will we see true justice in Malaysia? Can't wait for UMNO/BN to be chased out from Putrajaya.

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