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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Najib splurge while Malaysians tighten belt

Najib and his administration sneakily announced price increases shortly after the last Parliament session ended to avoid debate plus ordered MSM (main stream mass media - newspapers, TV and radio) to give nice sounding names to the price hike such as price adjustments etc. Due to the price increases of these essential commodities, Malaysians will have to tighten their belt.

In the meantime, Najib's PMD (Prime Minister Department) was allocated an obsene RM12 billion budget for 2010 which far exceeds the RM8.2 billion allocated for PMD for the entire 5 years of the Eighth Malaysian Plan (2001 - 2005).

Najib has cunningly only publicized the RM3.9 billion for its "operations" in 2010 and no mention had been made of the other RM8.2 billion for "development".

So Najib's 1Malaysia People First Performance Now is all empty talk. People Suffer First should be the by-line of his hypocritical 1Malaysia slogan. "You tighten your belt and suffer first while we merrily spend billions of ringgit" is what Najib should be shouting instead.

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