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Monday, July 12, 2010

N Tharmendran claimed military tortured him

N Tharmendran, the former RMAF sergeant who was the only lowly ranked RMAF staff who was charged for the theft of the 2 jet engines, claimed that he was tortured by a Major whose name Malaysiakini withheld, in a internal military investigation. Since it is certain such information will not be published by the hopeless newspapers, I reproduce what Malaysiakini reported Tharmendran revealed:

favourite method of his interrogators was to make him wear a crash helmet and repeatedly hit him as hard as possible.

"They used a golf stick and something long like a cricket bat. The reason is that when you hit me with a helmet (on), there's no mark. You can't find any mark, but the pain is internal pain. That's what Major (name withheld) told me. (He said) 'I can hit you how hard I want, but there won't be any mark. Even (if) you go to the doctor he will say you only have (a) headache"

And because of the physical abuse, Tharmendran said he suffered severe pain in his neck and shoulders and was barely move his left arm for a few days after the interrogation ended.

He also claimed that he was repeatedly stripped to his underwear, made to stand on a block of ice for up to an hour at a time, and threatened with death.

"I was told by this major, he has friends in the UTK (special forces) and KDN (Home Ministry) and it won't take him much time to get some men to shoot and kill me. Another thing he said was that nobody would believe me (if I report the torture), because he is the IO (investigating officer) and he has the authority. He said that, even if I go to the hospital and say I was being tortured by these people, he said nobody would believe me."

He believes he is not the only one being tortured by the intelligence officers, claiming at least 30 others were also experiencing the same ordeal for reasons unknown to him.

Hear what Tharmendran has to say yourself with the video of Thamendran describe his ordeal and torture by the Military Inteligence courtesy of Malaysiakini:

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