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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Selangor made it possible to report dubious voters in electoral roll

Malaysians need to pay RM50 in order to report a single voter to the EC (Election Commission). This will make it very taxing on the wallet for those individuals or groups to report a long list of dubious voters, and there are reports of very numerous dubious voters.

Batang Kali constituency experienced a 40% increase in voters in the electoral roll. Even setting aside your distrust of EC and UMNO/BN, can you believe that it is via genuine registration of genuine and not phantom voters?

Read for yourself to see how serious about SSG (Selangor State Government) about striving for a clean electoral below in the article Selangor to pump RM5mil into war on dubious voters courtesy of Malaysiakini:

Selangor to pump RM5mil into war on dubious voters

Leven Woon
6:49PM Apr 19, 2012

The Selangor government will launch a "Selangorku Bersih" programme involving state civil servants and village heads to ensure that the electoral roll in the state is clean and in order.
NONESelangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim told the media after a meeting with the Election Commission that the programme would be a "measure from the state to help EC to clean up its electoral roll in Selangor".
Khalid said the state would use funds for this from the RM5 million grant set aside under the Geran Selangorku scheme to enable any individual or party to raise objections on dubious voters in the electoral roll.
Khalid, Selangor assembly speaker Teng Chang Khim and a delegation of Selangor exco members were at the EC headquarters in Putrajaya today for a briefing by the commission and to discuss issues pertaining to the movement of voters' polling stations without their knowledge.

Pakatan Rakyat had claimed that as of December 2011, there has been a sudden rise in the number of voters in the state, amounting to about half a million individuals or 35 percent of Selangor voters.
Coalition supremo Anwar Ibrahim had said Selangor will not go for its state-level polls until the matter is resolved.
When asked about this today, Khalid said he did not raise the matter to the EC today because it is beyond EC’s jurisdiction to decide when the state is to hold an election.
Briefing reaffirms existence of voter spike
Meanwhile, Selangor senior exco member Teresa Kok said that the EC’s briefing has reaffirmed the existence of a spike in dubious voters.
“In Batang Kali (state) constituency alone, there is a 40 percent spike of new voters since 2008, making the total number of voters to 39,928 now.
“But Batang Kali is a semi-rural constituency, where  did the voters come from?” she said.
She added that the neighbouring Kuala Kubu Baru state constituency had not recorded such a significant increase.
Besides Batang Kali, Bukit Lanjan has also recorded a 34 percent increase in voters, followed by Paya Jaras with 31 percent.
Asked about the claim that a large number of East Malaysians have registered themselves as voters in Selangor, Khalid said the EC has given the explanation that it is done according to procedure.
“We were told that eligible voters can register to vote in Selangor. The validity is determined upon application for registration,” he said.
Khalid said he tried to press for exact figures on  the matter, but was told it is being tabulated.
“The EC said the figures are still being tabulated because there is a surge of voters.
“It said that on March 30 alone, 5,000 people were registered to vote in Selangor,” he said.
On his own voting status, Khalid said he has applied to move his voting constituency from  Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur to Ijok, Selangor.
Khalid also dismissed the theory by an Umno blogger that being a KL voter would disqualify him from contesting a state seat if he fails to change his voting constituency, saying that the criteria examined is the address on the identity card.
When asked about the MCA’s accusations that Selangor deferment of its elections is a stunt to siphon its money to campaign activities elsewhere, Khalid declined to comment.
Exco member Halimah Ali, who was standing beside Khalid, then quickly went to his defence, quipping  that “even the selangor exco has found it hard to get a cent from the government”.

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Anonymous said...

Salahudin and his colleagues - officers in KLIA took bribes and forced foreigners to pay for their belongings detained in custom klia. He oppressed and intimidated foreigners if they cannot provide him money. Still he didn't release the belonging though they already paid for document required, etc.