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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Malaysian Government to apologise for victims of 1988 judicial crisis

"Zaid: Govt has to apologise to victims of 1988 judicial crisis"

That was what I read at theStar Online:

That way by a rare respected UMNO member, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who was not selected to stand for the 2008 Malaysia General Election, probably because of some remarks that didn’t go down well with UMNO. Anyway, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has now been appointed as a Senator, then the de facto Law Minister, replacing the "stupid, stupid, stupid" Nazri, former de facto Law Minister(that word stupid wasn't meant to be used to describe Nazri, but is repeating what he uttered in the Parliament).

In the 1988 Judicial crisis, then Lord President (equivalent of current Chief Justice) Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas, was sacked, in the opinion of many, unjustly. I had the good fortune to ask Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas regarding the provision in Malaysia Constitution for free speech, free expression and free assembly plus the clause that said any laws or regulations that go against the spirit of the Constitution is invalid. I wanted to know about the validity of the requirement to get a police permit for peaceful assembly without arms.

I had to express my sympathy over what happened to him as during our conversation, if I remembered correctly, he couldn't even afford Internet access (this is from a 59 year old brain which may or may not be reliable).

I am of the opinion that the Federal Government should not only apologize, but also to compensate those who were wronged.


H J Angus said...

Apologise is one thing but it is simply a whitewash over the crooks who are still operating in Malaysia.

As a law expert it is too easy an option to recommend. Why not go the furthest distance possible with the findings of the Lingam inquiry?

Forgiveness is a good a good human trait, but .....

Peter said...

Hi Angus,

You are right and I would have to add that in, perhaps in a new post.

However, you left a long inactive post URL which will become a long unbroken line which will extend beyond the width of the main column. What you should do is to make Make active (clickable) hyperlings in posts and comments.

See how I edited your comment: What to do if you accidentally deleted a comment or when you want to edit a comment.

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