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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monitor Malaysia Election free from Malaysiakini

Malayiskini is an independent, subscription based online newspapers with qualified journalists and editors giving real, unbiased news, not the kind of rubbish you get in the tightly controlled mass media newspapers (MSM). However, I believe Steve Gan, founder of Malaysiakini, is more concerned in getting out the real news rather than the rubbish that the public are fed with by the (MSM). Malaysiakini now has opened their news website for surfers to read free for one week. To get updated on the latest news on the 2008 Malaysia General Election, go to Malaysiakini for real Malaysian news.

The latest news is the the so called "independent" Election Commission has made an about turn and made the decision not to use indelible ink to mark the fingernails of voters to prevent phantom voter from voting more than once. Concerned Malaysians, particularly BERSIH, had been demanding the the Election Commission uses indelible ink, and originally they agreed to do so. In fact, I vaguely remembered reading a report that millions of ringgits (Malaysian money) had been spend to import the indelible ink from India. Now all those will be wasted, another addition to the series of public funds going down the drain.

More later.

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