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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reject all Barisan MPs as long as the whip is imposed all the time

I have been getting news online about how former Ministers who lost in the election is not going to accept invitation to become a Senator and will concentrate on rebuilding the party. That include Samy Vellu which used to rule MIC with an iron fist and kicked out many MIC dissidents. Now he is going to invite those he kicked out to rejoin MIC to help rebuild the party.


I would advice all concerned Malaysians to reject all Barisan Nasional candidates in the next General Election as long as the whip is enforced ALL THE TIME IRRESPECTIVE OF MERITS of whatever had been tabled or proposed (I am not too familiar with procedures of Parliament except what is the meaning of the whip - Member of Parliaments of a party or coalition must vote for anything, rubbish or gold, irrespective of merits, from the Barisan Nasional and against anything, also irrespective of merits anything from the non-Barisan Nasional parties. This means their hands are tied at the Parliament, where all the important decisions are made, and they cannot vote according to conscience.

We should reject BN camdidates irrespective of character or reputation. This is only my opinion which you may agree or not. Feel free to comment on what your views are on this matter.


Anonymous said...

And also REJECT all DAP, PKR and Pas MPs who do not perform. Don't be so sure everyone.

Manature said...

Anonymous or anyone,

Can someone please define "perform" please. Perform as in unclogging drains and mending potholes like our longkang MPs or perform as in carrying the most important job of a Member of Parliament which is help make important decisions in the Parliament itself which can make or break a country. Much like members of the board of Directors in a huge corporation.

Unfortunately for Malaysia, majority of Malaysians still do not understand the second and demand to be serviced, and this I found out during protracted conversation with 2 PJ residents who just cannot see the picture and I had to leave with the final comment that I feel very sad for Malaysia.

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