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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Worst floods hit Seberang Prai, new Deputy CM on site very fast but MPSP's Chief Engineer and YDP were hard to contact

Read on this blog:

That Malaysian blogger MP (Member of Parliament, incidentally from the Penang state ruling DAP or Democratic Action Party) reporting directly from the scene of the worst floods in a Sebarang Prai Industrial Zone in recent years. According to that blog, the flood occurred because eight of the twelve pumps were not functioning due to lack of maintenance by the Penang City Council. While the new Penang Deputy Chief Minister Dr. P. Ramasamy (the one who defeated the former Penang Chief Minister Koh Su Khun if I remember correctly) was there by 8.30pm, he could not locate the MPSP's (if I am not wrong, MPSP is short for Majlis Perbandaran Sebarang Prai or the Sebarang Prai Municipal Council) Chief Engineer could not be contacted until 10pm and the YDP (I don't know what stand for, but probably someone senior in the MPSP) could not be contacted until 12.30pm.

The blogger opined that these two will have lots of explaining to do. Let's see what will be reported in the Malaysia mainstream media and what will be reported online tomorrow, especially the subscription based independent online newspaper, Malaysiakini which have real journalists reporting real news.

There may be errors above, and I will be very glad if anyone can point them out to me so that corrections can be made.

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