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Sunday, March 16, 2008

What did I do? Did I help set up an Islamic state for Malaysia?

Note: What I consider the most important part of this post is at the bottom of the post.

The Malaysia twelve General Election 2008 had been an extraordinary election. For decades, the Barisan Nasional (National Coalition) had ruled the country with a very comfortable two-third majority via divide and rule racial politics, gerrymandering, unfair electoral process including what many considered a non-independent (biased) Election Commission, phantom voters, postal voters which are always 90 over percent in favor of the Barisan Nasional, throttling of development funds to opposition states and Constituencies, etc., destruction of the three pillars of democracy (Executive, Parliament and Judiciary), what in other democracies would consider as bribery by using public funds and facilities for the election process, use of money, unfair detention without trial using the hated ISA (Internal Security Act), etc. They were arrogant, deaf and dumb to the public demands for changes. They believed their own propaganda and got complacent. The voters badly wanted change, and near the end of the campaign period, they finally sensed it and got desperate. The supposedly independent Election Commission reversed their decision on the use of indelible ink to help cut down fraud, many people believed because of directives. But it was too late. The people were fed-up and wanted change. For the first time, nearly all the voters did not vote along racial lines. The Barisan Nasional (BN) only managed to win a simple majority but lost 5 states to non-BN parties which form a loose partnership.

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However, today I read a newspaper report "PAS certain it can set up Islamic federal government soon". We now only need over 30 parliamentary seats to seize control.” Its vice-president Datuk Husam Musa was reported to have said at a thanksgiving rally that they now only need over 30 parliamentary seats to seize control.


PAS is the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia in Malay or Bahasa Malaysia), who had the objective of turning Malaysia into an Islamic state. When Malaya, then Malaysia, was formed, it was never the intention of its founder that Malaysia should become an Islamic state. Now this might be the mainstream media trying to strike fear in the non-Muslim. True of not, I do not know, but it causes me to be anxious.

In the 2004 election, PAS was very strident in its campaigning to set up an Islamic state and implement HUDUD and as a result did not do well. This round, PAS gave more moderate statements and did manage win over a significant non-Muslim votes. What I am afraid of is that this is only temporary, and that things may change may change as they become stronger in the future. They have the right to amend the Constitution to make Malaysia an Islamic state over the objections of the non-Muslims if they manage to gain control of the Parliament with a two-third majority, which may be possible with the cooperation of other parties.

Now Saidul's Malay Women in Malaysia published a post 2008 Malaysian Election: What have we done!? which was in roughly the same vein as this post, but against YB Lim Kit Siang's objections over the appointment of a PAS assemblyman as the Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) of Perak. Saidul published various accusations, among which are (from memory as it had been edited out after my comment which was not approved) DAP is anti-Malay and Islamophobic. I requested for proof and mentioned about Lim Guan Eng ending up in jail after trying to help a Malay girl in Malacca who was abandoned by UMNO, and Ronnie Liu getting his skull cracked by the FRU (Federal Reserve Units) while trying to help some Malay squatters. I requested a definition of Islamophobic so I can judge for myself if DAP plus myself, both of which do not want an Islamic state imposed upon us over our objections, would be considered as Islamophobic. In response, Saidul deleted the above accusations but there were other accusations still in the post. Among them are "DAP has always been accused of playing with sensitive issues regarding Bumi Rights and Islam". He commented that they have a third eye which I do not have.

Now with this development, I just wonder if I can be justified in accusing PAS as extremist and religious zealots, just as he accused DAP of many things. I welcome open discussions without acrimony and am going to comment in this post 2008 Malaysian Election: What have we done!?, leave a comment with a link to this post and invite him to comment.

Most of my comments in that post were not approved, but it is unlikely that his comments, if he chooses to do so, will not be approved as long as it is not seditious, etc. (To make it clear, what I am saying is Saidul and his Muslim NGO friends choose to comment, all comments, as long as they do not cause problems for me, them and Malaysia, will be approved irrespective of my own views. However, I reserve my rights to respond to whatever comments they may, if that happen, leave in my blog)


Anonymous said...

Sadly, you fell for govt propaganda, something that others don't. Check the following URL for details:
Mainstream media trying to stir discord among opposition parties.

Peter said...

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately you chose to comment as anonymous with no link for me to follow, so can only respond with another comment here which I do not know if you will ever get to read. However, I am assuming that you are a reader of Yahoo Group's Berita Malaysia and I will soon do a follow-up post which I will also send to the Beritamalaysia mailing list which I hope get approved, and hopefully you will get the follow-up there. I have received a couple of responses via private emails and waiting for more responses plus availability of time to do that.

But I too am sad that you straight away jump to the conclusion about me falling for govt propaganda as I know of such possibility (readers misreading intention of this post) and have put right at the top of the post "what I consider to the the most important part of this post is at the bottom of the post". I fear you did not read my post carefully and probably did not read the part at the bottom of the post which referred to Malay Women in Malaysia about regrets supporting DAP after reading a MSM report about Lim Kit Siang's report about DAP not supporting a PAS MB for Perak. You will hear further about this issue if you are following this blog or Beritamalaysia if what I post there get approved.

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Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad said...

Read the news carefully.

PAS or the opposition coalition?

How can PAS alone wrest control of Malaysia?

Islamic State? Even UMNO claims that Malaysia is currently an Islamic state.

Muslims form the majority in Malaysia, so cannot get rid of the Islamic element in Malaysia.

PAS views may be extreme, but it is not the majority. The majority of Muslims will not accept the version of Islam that PAS proposes so quickly, but if the majority decides to do it, then the rest must respect the decisions of the majority and pray that justice still prevails.

Peter said...

Hi Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad,

Glad you chose to commend with an active profile. Hope you have set your blog or blogs to display in which case I can go there to comment to let you know I have responded.

Anyway, I assume you did not read my response to Anonymous where I mentioned

"I will soon do a follow-up post which I will also send to the Beritamalaysia mailing list which I hope get approved, and hopefully you will get the follow-up there. I have received a couple of responses via private emails and waiting for more responses plus availability of time to do that."

Anyway, I hope you will be patient and wait for that follow-up post.

Peter Blog*Star
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Peter said...

Hi Ir. Hj........

Assuming that you are both an engineer and a Muslim who have gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca. I hope you would read my post again, and that include Anonymous, as I expected responses like this and to try to avoid that, put right at the top a message that what I considered to the be most important part of my post is at the bottom of the post. Even if you missed that, by right you should have figured out what I wanted to say or perhaps I am not as good a writer as I thought I was.

Peter Blog*Star
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