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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Open letter to DAP, PKR, PAS plus.......

First congratulations to the victors in this extraordinary 2008 Malaysia General Election.

To DAP plus PKR and to PKR plus PAS plus honest cooperation between the three (not coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS as the main stream media would like to believe), this is an open letter to appeal to you to first pass the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act, then followed by whatever you know to be for the good of Malaysia. Perhaps you already have plans to do that, so I do not want to try to claim credit if ever that FOI act plus....... ever get implemented. This is not the intention of this post. This is just perhaps just an encouragement to govern those states that you control in ways which a state should be governed. Then we can look forward to a Malaysian government that governs Malaysia as it should be government. Not through threats, through intimidation, through unjust imprisonments, through withholding of essential information from the public, through misleading the public, and I don't know what else. Perhaps you can help me add to the list by leaving a comment. Show them you can govern a country honestly, in the best interest of all Malaysians irrespective or race, religion, party, clan, whatever. Then you can be sure we will do our very best to keep you where you have now been placed in control over.

You probably know that better than I do, me being a non-politician and would like to believe, a non-partisan Malaysian owing no fixed loyalty to any particular party. My loyalty goes to those I see doing what is best for Malaysia and can change if things don't look good. I like what Haris Ibrahim declared in the DAP's SS2 Petaling Jaya ceramah (transcript: click BACK button to get back to this page): "If we can put them in, we can get them out."

We look forward to actions from you. May our hopes rest with you.

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