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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who are these supporters of Barisan Nasional?

From theStar online Tuesday, March 04, 2008:

"EPL stars like John Terry of Chelsea and Ryan Giggs of Manchester United have made their preference on which party they are vouching for in the 12th general election."

Seemed that was on a large billboard Celcom billboard near the Ampang LRT station. Were they paid to hold up those little "dacing" flags? I don't know and don't wish to voice out my thoughts. All I know that golf superstars like Tiger is paid very handsomely for endorsing some golfing equipment brands and that is common practice, I also know that billboard advertising is very very expensive. Who paid for them? Is it added to the maximum campaign funds?

Now at a nomination center, the BN was allotted a strategic place next to the main road, easily accessible. The DAP was allotted an isolated playground away from the main road which was only accessible via hard to find paths because the most convenient access was blocked. I also heard that quite a numbers of those waving the BN flags were foreigners who were paid. The announcer said he only heard it, he does not know if it is true or not. What I know is that one who helped in the campaigning of an ADUN in the 2004 election was feasted with a big dinner at which envelopes containing money were handed out. True or not I do not know as I was not at the dinner. But this I know. I heard it from that person who was at the dinner with my own two ears.

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Adrian Choo said...

great observations. we shall come out in force and hopefully, ALL vote wisely on the 8th.