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Monday, March 3, 2008

Sleeping Prime Minister. Let the picture do the talking

It was reported in the International Herald Tribune, March 3, 2008:

that "Malaysia's prime minister rejected critics' claims Monday that he deserved to lose in this week's general election for being a poor leader who sleeps on the job."

Now let us let the photos do the talking:

Abdullah Badawi sleeping 1

Abdullah Badawi sleeping 2

Abdullah Badawi sleeping 3

I take no delight in this post as I had put much hope in Abdullah Badawi when I voted for Barisan Nasional in 2004. There were so many promises. After the dictatorial rule of Dr. Mahathir, I grabbed at the chance for a change for the better. Did we get it? After so many years what was achieved? Port Klang Free Zone fiasco where billions of public money went down the drain, the Port Klang State Assemblyman Zakaria Md Deros palace built on land meant for the poor without planning approval which according to planning law is supposed to be torn down but was only slapped with a paltry fine, dropped but not totally dropped out from the election because his daughter-in-law is now contesting on his behalf, the promised IPCMC which was then supposed to be replaced by a "post box" SCC (Special Complaints Commission) whose function, according to Edmund Bon, Malaysia Bar Council Human Rights Committee Chairman, is to accept complaints, study them, and then forward them to whatever agencies they see fit. The dragging of feet over the demand for a Royal Commission to study the VK Lingam tape which should also cover the state of the Judiciary, but delayed by a useless Panel of Inquiry to study its authenticity, and only after much public outrage, a Royal Commission with very limited terms of reference was set up. Even then, the key witness was allowed to treat the Royal Commission with contempt with answer like "he looks like me, he sounds like me...."

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