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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Future PR election candidates must make public pledge

According to Malaysian Insider, 5 more PKR MPs are said to be considering resigning from PKR to become independent (Five more MPs to quit PKR?.

We voters are fed up with the frogs and the potential frogs. I would strongly suggest to PR (DAP, PAS and PKR) that in the next election, all chosen candidates should be required to make a public pledge to remain steadfast and loyal and if for any reason they have to want to resign from their respective party on whose ticket they won the election, they pledge to also resign their respective elected position whether Member of Parliament (MP) or State Assemblyman (ADUN).

Just signing undated resignation letters is not enough. They must be made to declare that they would resign their elected position if they ever no longer want to be with the party which helped them get elected


Jefferi said...

party hopping like it or not is the part of democracy process and part of the constitution freedom and rights. i feel that there is some double standard when talking about party hopping. when DSAI telling people all over malaysia about BN MPs that hopping, no one in the PR have problem about that, but when it happened another way around, they made lots of rules and regulation about that.

like it or not we must follow the constitution's rights for each individual or MPs to make choices as he think right. we as a citizen only can get rid of those on the election. signing paper and declaration seems to violate the rights and freedom of the country. the only way to flush out those bastard who like to hop from party to party is not to reelect them again on the next election.

Sumo Piar said...

Better frogs than snakes!

mohd ali ismail said...

murnifiThose fellers with no moral and no self respect will somehow, at their own whims,do what they like and even if they have sworn by the Quran they will simply break their promises as, they know ,nothing would happen to them for breaking those oaths.Malays especially have been betrayed by UMNO who promised to champion the Malay cause.These people in UMNO only help themselves.Look around you you'd notice that even kampung JKKs are a properous lots for doing nothing and let alone those in higher places.The lawmakers promised to eradicate corruptions but they themselves are corrupt.They have taken their oaths when they took office and you see for yoursewlves if they ever abide by the oaths.To teach them not to side-wind us further and to say the least the next PRU we all vote for a new breed of candidates that can look after our affairs effectively.How? chopped off all dead woods and those whom we feel are problematics!!!I know it's easier said than done!The ball is at your feet ,anyway, you decide your own fate but don't drag others to your funeral.