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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Najib, UMNO, BN malu (shame), reactions to CNY washout

Here are the reactions of various people regarding Najib's washed out Chinese New Year do at Pandamaran:

"lack of enthusiasm from the estimated 20,000 crowd, at least as indicated by their lackluster clapping"

"one-fourth of the crowd was made up of event organizers, performers, the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture's media minders - including red-shirted staff from the obscure Department of Special Affairs (Jasa) staff - and the usual coterie of Rela, civil defence, riot and regular police units" (illusionary crowd)

#yorais (Rais Yatim)'s "“clapping till the bulbs burst” did not evoke the desired effect"

"told to instead contact Najib's political secretary, Oh Ei Sun," (not really solving problems, all play acting)

"expressed disdain at the elaborate - and wasteful - efforts to contrive the appearance of a government that 'listened',"

"no use visiting three houses here when only a stone's throws away, 230 houses have been demolished and the land taken away from the home owners,"

"We won't be easily swayed, but hey, the men (MCA fat cats) behind this have lots of money,"

"How much money had literally gone up in smoke tonight"

"not fools to believe Najib's public relation efforts"

"better you use the million ringgit allocated for these "superficial intangible" public relation propaganda to uplift the living standard of hard core poor"

"Najib lost credibility from the handling of the infamous murder cases of Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and other custodial death cases."

"how about the power grabbing in Perak, inaction against Utusan & MSM for promoting hatred and so on?"

"rain that hit Pandamaran yesterday Almight's 'bad' omen"

"Deputy Information Minister Heng Seai Kie is a balll licker/sucker. She is a liar..there were very few people there before and after the rain...I know cos I was there to see for myself"

"Another umno-bn syok sendiri session at the expense of the Rakyat"

"Pandamaran folk seek real change, not promises"

"lamented at the lack of real change a day after"

"no real action taken"

"just no excitement"

"just petty issues"

"disputed press reports in MSM newspapers (wastepapers) there were 20,000 or even 40,000 people, Jalan Chang Ah Choon could barely accommodate 5,000 people"

"only about 5,000 went to collect Ang Pows from Pinklips Jibby"

"our presence is not appreciated and welcomed by UMNOputras"

"all (crowd) are imported"

"Ha ha ha ...even the God is not willing to listen to his lie"

"(crowd) about 4-5K"

"Pandamaran is located in Klang ( big population )" but "Pakatan's celebration was held in Jenjarom a small town with much smaller population"

"How naive this Rais"

"that doesnt look like a 5,000 crowd to me"

"rakyat would not buy UMNO-BN 1 Malaysia"

"how many bus load from elsewhere?"

Rais "happy?" with attendance???

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