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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Believe it or not: Prosecutor has Anwar? semen specimen

Would you believe this????? The prosecutor, Solicitor-General II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, in Anwar Ibrahim's second sodomy trial claimed they have semen specimen in Saiful's (Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) anus. Unfortunately the credibility of Malaysian institutions, especially the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia or Royal Malaysia Police) is so low that I don't even know if even 10% of the people believe them.

Here are the comments in Malaysiakini's "Prosecutor: We have semen specimens" article to show you how credible is their claim (name changed for privacy):
by Call me JBY - 2 hours ago
This is not a new "technology". About 20 years ago, women already can get pregnant without any sexual intercourse (no offence). The medical report already showed that Saifool's anus was not penetrated. After more than a year there is a sperm stain? If there was really a sperm stain, I believe its already a big news in the main stream media last year. Why disclosed now?

by GRN - 2 hours ago
So they found semen in Saiful's rear end and immediately these fellas concluded it belongs to Anwar. Sherlock Holmes cold not have done any better. Notice something? They have the semen but no DNA test done. Or if it has been done, could it have gone missing again like the first time 10 years ago?

by LS - 2 hours ago
So what if you have SEMEN? Anwar is being charged for intentionally having carnal intercourse against the order of nature with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan where Anwar inserted his penis into Saiful's anus and Anwar is alleged to have committed a crime which is punishable under section 377B of the penile code. The crime is only committed when Anwar's penis penetrates Saiful's anus. Whether semen is found in Saiful's anus is immaterial. As far as section 377B of the penal code is concerned, SODOMY = Penetration of the anus.

by JN - 2 hours ago
...DSAI, I salute you !...for you must be a superterrorsodomiser in order for your semen to be found inside whassisname?'s anus without penetration at all ! Its either that or We all know who has been up to monkey tricks again, don't we all ? No wonder we have the whole world watching this trial !

by DD - 2 hours ago
Saifool, shame on you for having unsafe sex!

by NL - 3 hours ago
Semen turns from jellylike to liquid within a short time and got absorbed by the body, and any excess would have been mixed with the three day old feaces, and contaminated......

by KG - 3 hours ago
For DNA evidence to be admissible in court (I mean a real court, not Umno's court) the chain of custody must be very tight and well documented. This covers every step from collection, transport, receiving, storage and testing and samples must be made available for independent verification. Now they expect to nail Anwar by asking a govt chemist to testify in court that Anwars DNA was found in Saiful's $hithole and that's it. I'm sure the chemist will testify that all samples have been destroyed. How do I know? That was exactly what happened in Sodomy I. Can they convince the judge? You bet! Can they convince the public? Hell, no!

by RC - 3 hours ago
Malaysian's Judiciary will be once again the laughing stock for the whole world thanks to BN, particularly UMNO.

by CGT - 3 hours ago
The prosecution seems to have a lot of holes in their story (pun unintended). We know from the two medical reports that no sexual penetration was detected but somehow, semen was found in Saiful's anus. This could only be possible if Anwar has a very small penis, and I'm sure this can easily be proved or disproved. Imagine a tetrapack with a 0.5mm straw hole. You can't force anything bigger than a straw through the hole without enlarging or tearing it at the seams. Well, one would imagine the same logic to apply to Saiful's anus.

by NGK - 3 hours ago
We have Act 1 Scene 1 played by musang,petai and AP.Now Act 1 Scene 2 will take the stage shortly.One of the actors in S 1 has gone and being baked in lake of fire,who is next? Answer:Too obvious to mention.

by WR - 3 hours ago
The prosecution must clarify if they found semen or they found DNA. It is surprising that Saiful could carry the shit in his colon for days so that the semen were not flushed out when he excreted. Those shit must have got into his head and the heads of those he met. Anyway, it is easy to place semen as well as DNA and let us not be fooled by that. Someone could have instructed Saiful to masturbate and place some of his own semen in his ass hole with the planted DNA of DSAI. In this case, it would be obvious that Saiful's own DNA found in the semen sample will be taken as a contamination. Defence counsel please remember to question prosecution witness on the density of Saiful's DNA found in the semen sample (I am sure chemist would say he/she was not asked to determine that).

by IV - 4 hours ago

by LN - 4 hours ago
Why comment so much ? wait la, they will get everything, then you all decide la. Sperm is sperm, how to lie, M******** Anwar and a get a specimen, or he is a donor, otherwise how can you get a specimen ? Anwar will have a chance to test it as well, and calling Najib, Rosmah and I also think he should call the Hundreds of people that spoke to Saiful too. Why try to drag these two in, the chance doing that is NIL. No reason to unless they have evidence , but they don't. Real wayang guy, now trying to drag Najib and Rosmah to distract his sins . My this guy must be put away for a long time.

Sperm is sperm, that is right, but it can be anybody's sperm including this idiot LN.

by VA - 4 hours ago
oh ya... saifool ( a young guy of 20 +) did " tonggeng" there helplessly for a 60 + old man to sodomise him ! And now there is semen left overs ! We believe ! Yes we believe ! Please also believe my grandmother died a virgin !

by DC - 4 hours ago
Well Well Well! They have Anwar's semen taken from Saiful's virgin ass. Looks like The Malaysian Judiciary circus is back in town. I'm sure the show that is lined up this time will certainly be entertaining or maybe even more thrilling then sodomy I.

by AI - 4 hours ago
It's obvious to all and sundry that the DNA samples taken from Anwar prior to the Sodomy 1 Trial in 1998 have now been introduced to Saiful's specimen samples. The fact that there was no penetration proves it.

by CT - 4 hours ago
Hmm... assuming this Shitfool decided to preserve the precious load in his anus, and decided not to pass motion for how many, 2 days? OK perhaps some medical person can let us know if semen samples can still be obtained from this Shitfool's anus. No penetration, but semen inside anus - the UMNOputras new miracle sex act.

by PI - 4 hours ago
If the Americans can make Avatar, they can stage anything! But in BolehLand, they are one step ahead of the Americans in staging anything!! I think even James Cameron is just a rookie!

by PU - 4 hours ago
Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, YOUR semen is worth less than a fruit fly's now. Sorry to say, your bloodline shall be terminated and your offspring will lead meaningless and wasted lives unless they disown their wicked and spineless father for his part in this despicable plot to thwart the rakyat's desire for clean government.

by KM - 4 hours ago
2 doctors' reports said no sign of penetration and the PP said they found semen stain and this will prove penetration! Hahaha, so naive of the PP. Someone needs to tell him 10 ways how semen stain can enter the anus. ONE of which is to be injected via an insertion of a small acquarium air tubes. Dumb PP seeking glamor. I am sure Saiful will say he was drugged so that 'much time was spent' to allow semen to be 'left' in his anus. Oh, was there any semen actually? Or he will have to answer why he allowed such an elderly man with severe back problem to sodomize him.

by HR - 5 hours ago
The Criminal Procedure Code places sodomy and oral sex in the same category. Are to believe that all the ministers, judges, prosecutors, doctors and the witnesses be they man or woman do not indulge in oral sex? Hypocrites. Stop this sham trial.

by SR - 5 hours ago
WHAT ??? Semen still in your anus days after you see Najib then you go for your examination? Man, you have a serious case of CONSTIPATION. Wrong doctor, Saiful !

by SB - 5 hours ago
Huh? Initial reports by doctor says no penetration but chemist report found semen in anus. Is this like saying no bullet wound but found bullet inside body? Cant wait to see the mystery revealed....

by SR - 5 hours ago
WHAT?? Semen in the Anus still exist days after Saiful gone to see Najib? This guy should be seeking treatment for CONSTIPATION. Wrong doctor, Saiful !

by KN - 5 hours ago
Solicitor-General Zainal and his team are totally out of their depth. They are setting themselves up to be humiliated in court. You cannot convict a person based on DNA evidence alone. DNA is always considered supplementary evidence. Read Bruce Tan's article in MT for a clearer picture. Sodomy II: A nation prepares to go on trial

by ai - 6 hours ago

Yeah how long does semen stay in the anus after the act? Saiful didn't have any motion or wash for 2+days? Looks like he keeps himself well groomed from all the press I have seen.

by ai - 6 hours ago

I would be interested to know the date on the chemist report(was it after the court forced Anwar to give samples), and is there a way to verify these so called retrieved samples(was the same result confirmed from both hospitals and different independent chemists)

by r - 6 hours ago

ehm...semen? so he did it bareback, kind of stupid with Aids being an issue. and is he stupid enough to leave behind evidence. and still no sign of penetration, so how did the semen get there? and how long later did the guy go to the hospital after the so call incidents..didn't shower or go toilet. dam good la our CSI team

by BTN - 6 hours ago

Ya right. The last time they found semen on a mattress and they landed DSAI in prison. Mind you the bed is a static and dead object. This SaiFool is moving object and the fact he has semen on his anus is really no surprise.

by G - 6 hours ago

And for this En Mohd Zainal Abiden, you and the lot that is conspiring against this honest man will burn in Hell!

by FY - 6 hours ago

dear God!!!!!!!! How much more can Malaysian will be FORCE to stumuck this?????????!!!!!!!!

by k - 6 hours ago

Indeed, they have semen specimen. As Saiful made a police report 2 days after the alleged act how did the specimen survive? Were they planted there by SAC Rodwan who met Saiful in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam? As I remembered the same Rodwan planted Anwar's blood sample on the infamous mattress and the chemist's testimony was demolished by the defense. Do these goons think unverified DNA evidence will convince the public? DNA evidence is the easiest to fake in the world. Where's the independent lab test? Too cowardly to hand over a sample to the defense?

by AYXK - 7 hours ago

Like anyone will believe that!

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