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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Najib's Chinese New Year washout - Heaven smiled on Pakatan Rakyat

Yes, Heaven watches over us. Good guys versus bad guys. Najib's Chinese New Year Open House was a washout yesterday. Heaven poured on Najib with no mercy and only a miserable thousands turned up (reported as 5000 in a comment at Free Malaysia: 20,000 at Jenjarom CNY do by rocketman. One would have expected the sycophant mass media would have splashed the attendance in their front page and prime time news, but there was none. Apparently they must be ashamed at the turn out and Najib's treatment by the All Knowing Heaven. The only report I read about Najib's miserable do was at Malaysian Insider: #yorais (Rais Yatim) happy with turnout where he noted that attendance was "good" but dare not mention the figure. Shame on you UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Heaven repaid you for all your misdeeds, probably more to come.

Meanwhile at Jenjarom: Free Malaysia Today reported 20,000 at Pakatan Rakyat Chinese New Year Open House and heaven smiled on PR with sunshine and good weather.

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