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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nutgraph compiling former BTN attendees testimonies

Good News! The Nut Graph is in the process of compiling and publishing the testimonies of former BTN (Biro Tata Negara) attendees (inductees) so that we can get a true picture of what went on inside those programs on which Malaysia has wasted good money.

Here is the first one: Biro Tata Negara's "real" message" where Shanon Shah related what Mohd Khalid Mohd Nor, now 27, went through when he attended the BTN course at Ulu Sepri, Negri Sembilan.

Among others, Mohd Khalid Mohd Nor in answer to a question, said "The course has impacted me in a negative way — I am now more racist towards [fellow] Malay [Malaysians]. Not to all Malay [Malaysians], but to some. I am unsure of my other friends, but I am really disturbed by this, and this is the true reflection of our country.

There are still [Malay Malaysians] who consider non-Malay [Malaysians] in my generation as not worthy of calling Malaysia their home. If not Malaysia, which place are they supposed to call home? They are not migrants but Malaysians.

I am racist towards Malay [Malaysians] who are racist towards other races. Currently the Malaysian government is sending lecturers abroad to complete their masters and PhDs so as to upgrade the Malaysian education system. These lecturers are from government-funded universities.

(Pic by dfeir / In my university here [in London], they [have] started a society, but this society only [comprises] Malay [Malaysians] even though they [know] there are other Malaysians here as well. These lecturers will one day go back and start teaching at various institutions and shape future generations.

[My analogy is], if the mould has rough surfaces or edges, how could this mould shape future generations so as to build a truly [united] Malaysia?"


"I personally did not gain anything positive from the BTN"

Location map of Kampung Ulu Sepri, Pedas, Negri Sembilan

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