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Friday, February 26, 2010

This is real funny and really effective, please read

Wish I can talk and write like that, but quite satisfied that someone else have that ability, so the tiniest thing I can do (power of 1, 1 tiny action that don't cost me a penny but can bring lots of good, - link love not sexual kind) and hoping to drive at least 1 surfer over Three blind mice’ to Washington went. (I guarantee you will enjoy it if you understand what the writer wrote, and I think that is not difficult. However, you may need some background knowledge. Currently I am way past my bedtime and so I do the easiest and fastest way, Google "Anwar Ibrahim" or Sodomy or Sodomy 2. Otherwise, just read RPK's (Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Raja is Prince) Malaysian Circus goes to Washington

If not enough, here is one more that I hope can help: Speak our for Anwar Ibrahim's sake. It seems lots of Foreign embassies people at his trial and I wondered why.

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