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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Google's guide to organizations helping Haiti

Well folks, Malaysia's need for positive changes is urgent and greatly needed and problems are numerous, but nothing compared to enormous problems facing Haiti. Hope you will spare a thought to those suffering in Haiti after the horrible earth quake which killed hundreds of thousands. The dead (may they rest in peace) can rest in peace, but those surviving, especially those maimed, lost their limbs, etc., faces a very, no, not very, but extremely hard life ahead.

What can we do to help? Those are those who are willing to contribute financially, but are worried if their donations might be misused and diverted for other purpose. So what do we do.

Well, Google has a motto - DON'T BE EVIL. Plus Google is extremely big and wealthy with a huge revenue. They have the resources to examine alternatives. They are so rich, why would they want to cheat you or help others cheat you of your hard earned money.

So what do we do. Just to let you know folks, There is a Google Haiti Crisis Response page which list various organizations helping Haiti. I am sure Google must have vetted them thoroughly.

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